Jedi: An Automatic API Generation Framework

Speed is the fundamental layer in agile development and a significant player in catalyzing productivity. In contrast with sluggish traditional API development which demands for intense coding, Jedi introduces an effective approach for designing RESTful services out-of-the-box requiring minimum configuration.

The cost benefit ratio for API design and development in the majority of companies is unbalanced due to the heavy expenses spent on I.T and software engineering departments. This restrict a productivity of a firm as less profit is earned even more slowly. To tackle this problem, a framework capable of generating APIs without any knowledge of software development is needed to eliminate reliance on software developers for implementing web services. However, such system must incorporate various requirements and aspects of which access-control and security of significant importance. Generalization of processes to provide compatibility with various data sources and frameworks is another imperative concept that such system should take into account.

Jedi is a fully automated framework designed and developed to satisfy all substantial commercial needs when it comes to developing web services. The framework consists of a JSON configuration file that allows for designing APIs without any knowledge of web development frameworks. Jedi is currently compatible with ASP.Net MVC and it comes as a middleware that listens to particular endpoints and renders web services with customizable access-control and security measures.

Jedi is an open-source and highly extensible framework suitable for large-scale web services and systems requiring high-performance and reliability. Having been in commercial use since 2017, Jedi's stability and performance is tested under harsh condition and well assured.    

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About The Author

I was grabbed by the gravity of computer science in 1994 and I’ve been accelerating in my orbit ever since. In this system, my mission is to accomplish the unachievable. It is to fly above and beyond conventions and to craft code which docks with any rapidly revolving mechanism. From this vantage point everything looks so spectacular.