Making the most out of noisy quantum computers

Heavy-duty error correcting quantum computers imagined today might emerge in the market decades later. However, experts are tirelessly striving to uncover creative ways to utilize current and near-term quantum processors in order to resolve problems in spite of limitations resulted by noise or errors.

A group of physics and chemistry researchers at Virginia Tech have recently taken quantum simulation to the next level through devising an algorithm capable of calculating molecules properties more effectively on a noisy quantum computer.

Quantum computers are generally expected to complete particular calculations more effectively than conventional computers which are in use today. Although quantum computer share similarities with conventional computers, they run algorithms through sequences of logic cates known as quantum gates on bit of data. The major issue with existing quantum computer arises when the computation result is degraded due to the accumulation of noise within circuit leading to miscalculation in the end. This is mainly due to the fact that, it is currently very difficult for scientists to develop circuits that are both more accurate and shorter.

This problem has been well addresses by the chemistry and physics department of Virginia Tech and they have invested more than $2.8 million to resolve this issue.

IBM and Virginia Tech recently established partnership to provide access to IBM's quantum machines to researchers. "Our team at Virginia Tech is really excited for the next steps in our work which include implementing our algorithm on IBM's processors", said Economou, the associate professor of Physics Department


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