My Favorite Programming Languages

Before jumping into the comparison, I have to emphasize that the way you use a particular tool is more important than the tool itself. The number of programming languages developed to date is much larger than you may imagine. However, only a few is dominant in the software development industry out of which yet fewer is among my favorites.

#05 Ruby

Ruby is a pure object-oriented programing languages which the Japanese computer scientists Yukihiro Matsumoto introduced in 1993. Being a dynamic programing language, the features of Ruby are very similar to Python and Perl. Ruby is an open-source language which implies that it is freely available on the web although it is subject to a license. Ruby is an interpreted general-purpose programing languages which is truly object-oriented. It is possible to use Ruby for server-side programing and for writing CGI scripts. Ruby can be also embedded into HTML due to its clean and simple syntax which also enables developers to learn and master the languages fast and easily. The syntax of ruby is very similar to Perl and C++ and it is used for writing huge and scalable programs. Many GUI tools such as OpenGL, GTK, and Tcl/Tk are also supported by Ruby.

Code Example

def sum_eq_n?(arr, n)
  return true if arr.empty? && n == 0
  arr.product(arr).reject { |a,b| a == b }.any? { |a,b| a + b == n }

#04 Haskell

Haskell is a purely functional and a lazy programming language. By being lazy, Haskell does not evaluate expressions that it does not need for determining an answer to a problem. Furthermore, by being a purely functional programing language Haskell does not allow side effects by isolating all impure computations from the rest of the program while safely performing them.

To be continued...

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About The Author

I was grabbed by the gravity of computer science in 1994 and I’ve been accelerating in my orbit ever since. In this system, my mission is to accomplish the unachievable. It is to fly above and beyond conventions and to craft code which docks with any rapidly revolving mechanism. From this vantage point everything looks so spectacular.